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Since 2008, we have participated in street painting festivals from California to Florida. This experience inspired my family and me to become more involved in the arts. This journey in art has enriched our lives in many unexpected ways.


My art is a family affair. My children, Nicole, Dorian, and Alexander (soon to include their youngest brother, Charlie) often work at my side on art projects--sharing their love of the process.  Together we have been blessed to work with the Phoenix Comicon Street Team, City of Tempe, City of Mesa, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Sojourner Center, Paradise Honors High School, the Vision Gallery, the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership and more.


For us, art is more than a category or something one does with paint. I am a human factors graduate student interested in usability research for the rapidly evolving field of VR/AR. Alexander is a physics/chemistry major studying the way the world works. Nicole loves animals and engineering & Dorian is 100% an artist. Everything we do is an aggregate of science, energy, enthusiasm, love, inspiration, resourcefulness, and imagination. We are artists; so are you.


Please contact me for more information on how I can help bring your next project to life.






Artist, Writer & Orchestrator


Anime aficianado, color wheel genius



Brainiac & VFX Guy



Artist, Maker & Logistical Support

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